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  • Santa-Margarida-da-Serra
    A friendly mountain village.
  • Santa-Margarida-da-Serra
    To the baches.
  • Santa-Margarida-da-Serra
    Fishing villages as Sines, worth a visit.
  • Santa-Margarida-da-Serra
    And always fresh fish.
  • Santa-Margarida-da-Serra
    Hiking trails, in all directions.
  • Santa-Margarida-da-Serra
    From June to August the oak are peeled.
  • Santa-Margarida-da-Serra
    Market every month in Grândola.
  • Strand
    Quiet beaches all along the coastline.



To the south of Lisbon, in the Alentejo, lies the Costa Azul. Near Grândola you will find No Campo.

In the thinly inhabited province of Alentejo, 10 kilometres to the south of Grândola, lies the little village of Santa Margarida da Serra.
A friendly mountain-village with low, white plastered cottages, surrounded by endless slopes strewn with thousands of cork-oaks. It is situated near the Atlantic coast, the Costa Azul, with its tranquil seaside resorts like Melides and Lagoa de Santo André.

You reach Santa Margarida by the A2 motorway from Lisbon airport in about an hour.

To the North: you are just over one hour away from Lisbon. Portugal’s capital is well worth a visit. Lots of thing to do and see, much more than we can tell you in brief, but you will find ample information in your sitting-room.
To the south: do not forget to visit some of the fishing-villages, like Sines for instance. The manycoloured fishing-boats, the lively quays, the fishmongers, all so typical of the Portuguese coast.
It goes without saying that here you find a wide choice of seafood in the many restaurants.


Taste these delicious sausages and hams. And throughout the year there is fresh fish!