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    Welcome Quinta No Campo.
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    Privacy guaranteed.
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    Goats, wild boars, birds, cats … ….
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    Subtropical plants and flowers in the borders.
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    Also the neighbors are picking wild oregano.
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    Citrus trees in front of the door and to use!
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    The herd of the neighbor on our path.
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    Own solar power and olive oil.
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    Her name is Prodolsky.

no campo

(Say; Nu Campu)

That is the Portuguese word for “outside”, “in the country”.
Because of the tranquillity, the space and the beauty of this “campo”, we purchased a farm with 4 hectares of land, just outside of Santa Margarida da Serra, with hundreds of cork-oaks, an olive-grove, a kitchen-garden and lots of fruit-trees.
We planted subtropical trees and shrubs and converted the “monte”, the original farmstead in Alentejo-style, into one single guest-house.

A modernly furnished, detached holiday cottage with enough space to receive 4 guests.
With a beautiful garden and surrounded by bougainvillea, oleander and palm-trees.

Not a resort, but one private accommodation just for you.

Easily accessible via the A2 from Lisbon Airport.
Free of traffic jams, half an hour away from the beach, enjoy the sun, sea, waves, dunes, lagoons.

Costa Azul - Alentejo
Costa Azul – Alentejo